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The necessity for the establishment of JUST is determined by the systemic ​oppression affecting every facet of our society. With each and every social ​and societal injustice, both new and old, advocacy and action are an ​immediate necessity.

The vocation of JUST is determined by an ingrained sense of civic duty to ​uplift, enrich, and provide assurance for marginalized communities.

We believe in unifying our neighborhoods through education and policy. ​We believe in the collective inclusion that results from racial equity. We ​seek to reach for racial and socioeconomic equity by dismantling the ​foundation of systemic racism upon which our systems are built; we aim to ​rebuild said systems with racial equity at the forefront. We believe that the ​empowerment of youth is the responsibility of every member of society; ​through mentorship and providing opportunities, we can empower the ​next generation to be altruistic leaders. We believe this development of ​visionaries and communities serves to create a safer and more supportive ​future with the efforts of positive growth.

We believe in the action needed to dismantle the systemic oppression ​affecting every facet of our society. Through these actions we can ​overcome the ever-present social and societal injustices.

We believe in Justice, Unity, and Social Transformation.

Building ​Community

One Project at a Time

J.U.S.T builds consciousness by interacting with ​the surrounding community and giving them ​the necessary resources to survive. We simply ​believe in meeting people where they are at.

Bi-Weekly Community Serve

The community service is held twice a month at ​2627 Sullivant Ave. The service provides many ​essential needs, such as food, clothing, books, ​hygiene items, and much more. The best part is ​that it's free and the perfect starting place for ​newcomers to join us in helping the community.

Upcoming Serve ​Schedule 2024

FE​B 3rd

FE​B 17th

MA​R 2nd

MA​R 16th

Ma​r 30th

AP​R 13th

AP​R 27th

Ma​y 11th

Serves are held at 2627 Sullivant ​Ave. at noon. The setup usually ​starts at 11:35am. We recommend ​bringing some of the following items ​if you plan on giving back. (Winter ​List) Clothing (must be in good ​condition): socks, gloves, winter ​hats, coats; and non-perishable food ​items are all in high demand.

If you would like to sponsor a meal, ​the typical meal cost is $350 to ​serve 150 servings (2.33 per ​person)

Thank you!

Let's Build Community

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